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Hello and welcome to my site of fun stuff to do and fun stuff I have made. We never know what`s going to happen next, or where we are going to go, but it`s going to be fun. If possible, I will share how to build it, and offer tips on making it easier. So sit back and hold on.

my backyard tiki bar

tiki bar

This is the out outside room, which we use 4 seasons. We barbeque year round, and the hot tub is always at 102F. Wind, snow, rain or whatever, it`s a great place to watch a hockey game.

This is one of our favorite activities, kayaking in the morning to a far shore for a great breakfast

kayaking in Belcarra

launching before breakfast

Michele loves the arm workout

kayaking on Indian Arm

We love blackberry picking on our bicycle rides

picking blackberries at the end of summer

Stopping for ice cream in Yarrow

I always stop for pedestrians and Ice cream

crashing a wedding at Minnekada Lodge

Michele loves horses

A healthy way to bring home veggies

Bring home the veggies


This is MY outdoor fireplace

This is my outdoor fireplace


This is a cake we made for a retirement party

g home the Veggies


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